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Safety Division

Safety Division is one of several staff agencies which make up Headquarters, United States Marine Corps. The Safety Division is lead by a Colonel that reports directly to the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and serves as the Commandant's principle advisor on Marine Corps safety matters. SD implements policy and directs Marine Corps risk management, safety and occupational health programs. SD also oversees the development of training for safety programs, conducts safety surveys, program reviews, and major mishap investigations in addition to ongoing analysis of mishap data to eliminate mishap recurrence.


To enhance the Marine Corps readiness posture by aligning sound safety policy and the risk management principles necessary to foster the just culture necessary to prevent mishaps, their reoccurrence and the associated material losses, fatalities, injuries, and occupational illnesses.


A Marine Corps culture where risk management and force preservation principles are integral to mission execution, residing at all levels of the Corps, from the most junior Private up to the Commandant.

Strategic Goals
  • Make the Marine Corps a world-class safety organization

  • Provide resources and accountability

  • Standardize safety training

  • Improve technology systems & usage

  • Expand culture to integrate safety in all aspects of the Marine Corps

Force Preservation Concepts

Force preservation concepts enhance combat readiness and reduce hazards during all activities: Combat, non-combat, training, operations, and non-operational, off-duty and recreational.

  • All activities have risks
  • All risks can be managed
  • All mishaps can be averted
  • All Marines are accountable

Risk management skills, mishap prevention activities and understanding force preservation concepts are all integral to a successful and vibrant safety program.

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Branch Head
Phone: 703-604-4362

Operations Chief
Phone: 703-604-4365

Financial Management Officer
Phone: 703-604-4463

Administrative Officer
Phone: 703-604-4386

 Aviation Section

Branch Head
COM: 703-604-4122

Aeromedical Safety Officer
Phone: 703-604-4367

Aviation Safety Officer
Phone: 703-604-4221

Aviation Safety Officer
Phone: 703-604-4149

 Ground Section

Section Head
Phone: 703-604-4172

Ground Safety Officer
Phone: 703-604-4147

Ground Safety Specialist
Phone: 703-604-4242

 Safety & Occupational Health Section

Section Head
Phone: 703-604-4121

Industrial Hygienist
Phone: 703-604-4387

Radiation Officer
Phone: 703-604-4384

Traffic Safety Manager/SOH SpecialistPhone: 703-604-4459

Instructional Systems SpecialistPhone: 703-604-4591

 Front Office

Director, Safety Division
Phone: 703-604-4361

Deputy Director, Safety Division
Phone: 703-604-4173

 Mailing Address

Commandant of the Marine Corps - Safety Division
701 South Courthouse Road
Bldg 12, Rm 20050
Arlington, VA 22204-2198