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CMC Safety Community of Practice

All safety professionals are eagerly encouraged to participate in the USMC Safety Community Share Point site. This platform affords Marine Corps safety personnel with valuable resources, references, and a hub to share risk management information.

If firewalls block access to to the Community of Practice (CoP) site, you may need to confirm that you currently possess a MCEITS account. To request an account, refer to this step-by-step guide.

To contribute to the CoP, add your name by clicking the "+ Add New Item" button below the list of participants on the left side of the home page. Fill out and submit the form. 

You can set alerts in order to be notified when colleagues add, delete, or changes postings on the site. To set your alerts, click on "COP Announcements," slect "Actions," and then "Alert Me." At this stage, select "New Items are Added" under the "Change Type" menu, and click OK. You will receive notification whenever new announcements are added, and you can do likewise to be alerted to newly added safety briefs.