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CMC Safety Division

Promoting Safety Awareness One Marine at a Time

Orders & Directives
DoDD 4715.1EDoD Directives & InstructionsEnvironmental Safety & Occupational Health (ESOH)89.68 KBDownload
DoDI 6050.5DoD Directives & InstructionsDoD Hazard Communication Program96.67 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.01DoD Directives & InstructionsDoD S&OH Program320.48 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.11DoD Directives & InstructionsProtection of DoD Personnel from Exposure to Radiofrequency, Radiation, & Lasers106.69 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.12DoD Directives & InstructionsDoD Hearing Conservation Program (HCP)134.66 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.4DoD Directives & InstructionsDoD Traffic Safety Program173.99 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.5DoD Directives & InstructionsOccupational & Environmental Health (OEH)191.13 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.6DoD Directives & InstructionsFire & Emergency Services (F&ES) Program127.94 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.7DoD Directives & InstructionsAccident Investigation, Reporting, & Record Keeping307.03 KBDownload
DoDI 6055.8DoD Directives & InstructionsOccupational Radiation Protection Program103.14 KBDownload
NAVSUP PUB 538DOD OrderMaterials Handling Equipment (MHE) and Shipboard Mobile Support Equipment (SMSE)14.95 MBDownload
29 CFR Part 1960Executive & Federal LawBasic Program Elements for Federal Employees OSH ProgramsUnknownDownload
Public Law 91-596Executive & Federal LawOccupational Safety & Health Act of 1970UnknownDownload
Executive Order 12196Executive & Federal LawOccupational Safety & Health Programs for Federal EmployeesUnknownDownload
MCO 1500.60Marine Corps Safety OrderForce Preservation CounselUnknownDownload
MCO 3500.27CMarine Corps Safety OrderRisk Management Policy and Guidance Standards. UnknownDownload
MCO P4400.105EMarine Corps Safety OrderRadioactive Commodities in DoD Supply SystemsUnknownDownload
MCO 5100.29BMarine Corps Safety OrderMarine Corps Safety ProgramUnknownDownload
MCO 6260.3A Marine Corps Safety OrderMarine Corps Hearing Conservation ProgramUnknownDownload
NAVMC 5100.8Marine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Program ManualUnknownDownload
MCO P8020.11Marine Corps Safety OrdersDepartment of the Navy Explosives Safety Policy (w/Erratum)273.53 KBDownload
MCO P8020.10AMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Ammunition Management & Explosives Safety Policy ManualUnknownDownload
MCO P5102.1BMarine Corps Safety OrdersMishap & Safety Investigation, Reporting, & Record Keeping ManualUnknownDownload
MCO P3040.4EMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Casualty Procedures Manual582.94 KBDownload
MCO P1710.30EMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Children & Youth Programs (CYTP)155.40 KBDownload
MCO P11000.11BMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Fire Protection & Emergency Services Program379.28 KBDownload
MCO 8020.13Marine Corps Safety OrdersExplosive Safety Review & Oversight Involving Military Munitions706.40 KBDownload
MCO 5104.3BMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Radiation Safety Program634.09 KBDownload
MCO 10330.2DMarine Corps Safety OrdersStorage & Handling of Liquefied, Compressed Gasses & Full/Empty Cylinders1.63 MBDownload
MCO 5104.2Marine Corps Safety OrdersRadio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Personnel Protection Program153.10 KBDownload
MCO 5104.1CMarine Corps Safety OrdersNavy Laser Hazards Control ProgramUnknownDownload
MCO 5100.32AMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Ground Safety Awards Program606.29 KBDownload
MCO 5100.30BMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Off-Duty & Recreation (RODS) Safety ProgramUnknownDownload
MCO 5100.19FMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Traffic Safety Program (DRIVESAFE)UnknownDownload
MCO 4450.12AMarine Corps Safety OrdersStorage & Handling of Hazardous Material2.20 MBDownload
MCO 3750.2Marine Corps Safety OrdersUSMC Aeromedical Safety Program 43.22 KBDownload
MCO 1553.3AMarine Corps Safety OrdersUnit Training Management (UTM)132.11 KBDownload
MCO 5110.1CMarine Corps Safety OrdersMotor Vehicle Traffic Supervision347.58 KBDownload
MCO 5040.6HMarine Corps Safety OrdersMarine Corps Inspections & Assessments58.67 KBDownload
MCO 1650.23EMarines Corps Safety OrdersMishap-Free Flight Time Awards278.76 KBDownload