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CMC Safety Division

Safety Message
Excellence in all efforts is something for which Marines tend to strive. As a tremendously capable and motivated force, the USMC thrives based on superior individual and collective performances. Safety, risk management, and force preservation are not exempt from this principle, and therefore, a number of Marines and commands have done exemplary work in their safety efforts and programs.

To congratulate and feature these noteworthy components, CMC(SD) proudly supports a number of awards to recognize safety success stories. In this regard, Safety Division would like to highlight the USMC Ground Safety Awards and the GEICO Military Service Award. The Ground Safety Awards, which are highlighted here, consist of the Marine Corps Warrior Preservation Award, Superior Achievement in Safety Award, and Achievement in Safety Award. Additionally highlighting USMC superior safety efforts, the GEICO Military Service Award recognizes outstanding contributions in safety and mishap prevention in each branch of the military and their reserve components. Specifically, the award emphasizes excellence in drug/alcohol abuse prevention, fire safety and prevention, and traffic safety and accident prevention.

Each of the above-mentioned awards offer an opportunity to praise safety performances on both an individual and unit level, and nominations are now being accepted. MARADMINs 339/14 and 338/14 detail deadlines and processes for both the Ground and GEICO awards, respectively. The Ground Safety Award nomination packets are due to CMC(SD) no later than 19 December 2014, and packets for the GEICO Military Service Award are due imminently on 21 November 2014.

Please refer to the MARADMINs or the CMC(SD) awards page for more information on these valuable forms of recognition.

Beyond these annual awards, don't forget to take advantage of on-going, meritorious awards such as the Road Warrior and Mishap-Free Flight Time Awards. Both are featured on the awards page, and they congratulate Marines on an individual and unit-basis for extended periods of mishap-free performance behind the wheel or in the cockpit.

Aviation Mishap Drill
Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) 31 from Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort conducts pilot rescue drills in the Ocean around Beaufort, SC.

Naval Safety Center
In addition to the resources available from CMC(SD), individuals seeking additional information on military safety and force preservation are encouraged to utilize the Naval Safety Center, and the outstanding content offered through their staff. Visit the NSC website for frequently updated safety information in regards to our Navy and Marine personnel.  
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