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CMC Safety Division

Safety Message

A month into 2014, let's all take a few moments to consider where we stand. Have we maintained our sworn resolutions? Have we attacked the new year with intensified resolve and motivation? Have we presented a new, improved version of ourselves for the betterment of our own lives and the benefit of the Marine Corps?

While the answer to these queries is hopefully a resounding "yes," let's reevaluate our stance on resolutions. Many individuals succeed at their promises and goals when they dedicate themselves to such targets in the fresh anum. Many more, however, experience challenges and obstacles which ultimately result in their resolutions going unrealized. One of the downfalls of this latter faction is the approach. When one saddles up to a challenge with a finite understanding of their goal -- with the notion that a fixed amount of time or energy will solve their woes -- they tend to falter as they hit roadblocks and hindrances. The fact of the matter is that goals are typically on-going, evolving entities, and shouldn't be approached with assumptions of a tangible finish line. For the person who wants to get in shape in the new year, it's important to view their efforts as an alteration in their lifestyle moving forward, and not a temporary diet or a quick fix. The second of these perspectives tends to results in falling back to old habits and negating the positive work achieved up to that point.

Likewise, CMC Safety Division urges Marines to view safety as an ongoing effort, an evolving battle. It doesn't start or end on a calendar basis. It's a perpetual challenge, and proper precautions, knowledge, and efforts should be a part of your lifestyle, rather than a confined, concerted effort. Don't be discouraged by the lack of a finish line, however; as simply running the race rewards you and your fellow Marines tremendously.

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Naval Safety Center
In addition to the resources available from CMC(SD), individuals seeking additional information on military safety and force preservation are encouraged to utilize the Naval Safety Center, and the outstanding content offered through their staff. Visit the NSC website for frequently updated safety information in regards to our Navy and Marine personnel.  
Globally Harmonized System
The Naval Safety Center encourages Safety Managers to make note of the changes to OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, and the impacts on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). Significant changes are taking place regarding hazard classification, labels, safety data sheets, and information/training. The first phase of training should be completed by 1 December 2013, and further information can be found at the COMNAVSAFESEN GHS page.
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