Traffic Safety Training

Traffic Safety Training

The Driver's Awareness Training curriculum is offered on MarineNet and consists of seven (7) courses covering defensive driving, distracted driving, collision avoidance, emergency situations, safe backing, and urban driving skills. Courses in this curriculum are intended to provide awareness of safe driving skills in most on- or off-duty situations. Courses may be taken in any order, but all of them must be successfully completed to get credit for the curriculum. When used in conjunction with a locally supported driver’s orientation course, this 4-hour curriculum fulfills the requirement to complete driver’s awareness training, familiarizing Marines with known driving hazards, and orientating them to known regional area traffic safety procedures and hazards.


The Marine Corps strives to ensure every Marine motorcycle rider has access to appropriate motorcycle training. Per MCO 5100.29C, Volume 3, Chapter 3, all Marines motorcycle riders must take Level I (basic) and Level II (Intermediate) training. Level II training must be completed within 180 days of completing level I.  Level III (Advanced) is also available but not required. Level I training may be waived if the rider has already obtained a state motorcycle endorsement. Marines can sign up for training online at

Motorcycle Training Resources & Links

Beyond the information and resources offered through CMC(SD), the division recommends the following resources to enhance rider knowledge and capability:

For more information please contact your local safety office or unit safety representative.

Motorcycle Safety PSA Video

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Target Audience

Registration for this curriculum is restricted to active duty or Reserve Marines under age 26.

Training Curriculum

Driver's Awareness Training Curriculum (CMCSDDAT01) available on MarineNet.


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