Command Culture Workshop

Coming Soon

USMC Command Culture Workshops are unavailable due to funding restraints. Commandant of the Marine Corps Safety Division is rebuilding the program and will return to USMCR led CCW’s FY2025.


How to Request a Workshop

Request a workshop 90 days prior to proposed workshop dates via email request to both:

CMC SD Email:

Note: Requests received less than six weeks out will be considered but are less likely to be supportable by the CCW facilitator cadre.


1. Provide CCW facilitator command access over three consecutive days

2. Provide a point of contact, with direct support of the commanding officer, to coordinate and assist the CCW facilitators

3. Provide classroom space free from distractions, capable of seating a minimum of 15 CCW participants

4. Provide a computer and an overhead projector with a screen, white board, markers and eraser, or flipchart with markers for CCW facilitator use during the workshop

5. Provide access to a computer with printer access for workshop materials

6. Participants of the following groups of Marines (from every shop/unit/element across the command):

a. (2) workshops of (8) - (15) E1 - E3 Marines

b. (2) workshops of (8) - (15) E4 - E5 Marines

c. (1) workshops of (8) - (15) E6 - E8 Marines

d. (1) workshops of (8) - (15) junior officers (not to include company/battery commanders)

e. (1) Workshop of Senior Leadership of Command (CCW Debrief to Commander/Leadership)

Note: Plan for workshops to last 2.5 hours for all participants involved.

For full details and requirements for Command Culture Workshops (CCW) refer to MCO 5100.29C, Volume 1, Chapter 6, Enclosure (1), Command Culture Workshop Program'

Aviation Safety Officer: 703-604-4221

Department NIPR E-mail: