Ground Mishap Investigation Course

Course Description

The Ground Mishap Investigation Course (GMIC) is designed to aid Battalion/Squadron level personnel assigned as safety officers or safety managers as well as civilian Safety & Occupational Health (SOH) practitioners in closing a skills gap of root cause analysis techniques. For all leaders, the goal is to enhance risk management strategies through effective mishap analysis, hazard identification, hazard abatement, and increased hazard reporting. This 40-hour course incorporates the use of a “real-world” mishap case study that challenges each attendee’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an experiential learning environment for the adult learner.

Target Audience

Active-duty personnel assigned in writing as the unit Safety Officer/Manager (E6 to O5), High Risk Training Safety Officer (HRTSO), or Aviation Safety Officer (ASO). DoD Civilians in the SOH Community of Interest (GS-0017, 0018, 0019, 0690, and 0803) assigned to a position that requires skills to conduct hazard analysis or advise safety investigators as a subject matter expert. 

Priority of Support

1. USMC Operational Commands (Appointed Command Ground Safety Officers (GSOs) / Ground Safety Managers (GSMs))

2. USMC Installations (GS-0018 Safety Professionals & Installation GSOs/GSMs)

3. USMC Supporting Establishment

4. Joint USMC/USN Personnel (class must include active-duty members to be supported)