Safety Ground TSS
Safety Division Ground Tactical Safety Specialist
TSS Vision

Provide commanders safety expertise and problem solving skills to mitigate risk and hazards while fully integrating force preservation principles into training, operations and off duty events.

The Tactical Safety Specialist (TSS) will provide technical safety and occupational health support to Commanders, their staff, Sergeants Major, and other leaders in the following areas:

  • Live or simulated tactical training operations.
  • Range and explosive safety.
  • High risk training.
  • Ground and airlift transport of personnel and cargo.
  • Wheeled and track vehicle operations.
  • Combat engineer/construction operations and field maneuvers.
  • Tactical safety support in combat.
  • Recreational off-duty safety.
  • General mission readiness and force preservation efforts.
CP-12 Training
The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) under ASTM E2 659-09 STANDARD PRACTICE FOR CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS has credited the CP12 course.  Graduates will receive a Safety Professional Certificate by ANSI.