Risk Management Information (RMI) Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR)

Risk Management Information (RMI) Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR)

The Risk Management Information (RMI) initiative is a mission-essential capability to improve the readiness of the Department of the Navy (DON) in the areas of safety data capture, data management, data analysis, and the dissemination of leading indicators of safety risk to our Sailors and Marines.

RMI consists of four capability areas, or pillars:

  • Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR) will provide enterprise enhancements to include streamlined reporting processes; improved unit reporting access and capabilities; and enterprise and unit level tracking and verification of reportable medical injuries.
  • Safety Program Management (SPM) will provide users with capabilities needed for planning, preparing and executing a safety and occupational health program. Specific capabilities include: confined space entry, deficiency abatement, fall protection, inspections, job hazard analysis, medical surveillance, respiratory protection, safety committee, self-assessment and training.
  • Analysis and Dissemination (A&D) will provide an advanced analysis and analytic capability for SIR and SPM data that will enable trend analysis and proactive decision making related to mishap and injury avoidance in compliance with the Department of Defense (DOD) Safety and Occupational Health standards and policy.
  • Single Point of Entry (SPOE) will provide a single point of entry available to Sailors, Marines and safety professionals to reduce the inconsistencies introduced by dissimilar legacy systems and organizations.

As part of the RMI initiative, the USMC will be transitioning into a new reporting system called Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR). RMI SIR is a web-enabled, role-based mishap reporting and analysis system accessible worldwide with a Common Access Card (CAC). RMI SIR is a single integrated mishap system for reporting aviation, afloat ground and motor vehicle mishaps compliant with Department of Defense (DOD) safety business rules. Using RMI SIR will vastly expand the capabilities for safety professionals and leadership to identify trends and produce analyses that lead to recommendations and mishap prevention.

RMI’s SIR provides a baseline of Class C and D mishap incidents, hazard reports (HAZREPS), and near misses, and will provide the basis for analysis and trending for all classes and types of incidents to improve safety and risk management. RMI will also enable increased safety reporting efficiency by reducing the amount of time users spend entering or reentering safety data into the system.

Memorandum of Final Evaluation

(Replaces WESS Concur/Non-Concur Endorsement Process)

The Memorandum of Final Evaluation (MOFE) is the DoD process used to report and comment on findings and recommendations resulting from Class A, B or select C events. The MOFE does not replace the SIB’s final message but ensures quality control standards, actionable recommendations, and compliance standards are maintained to identify hazards and support future event prevention efforts.

Key Points

  • MOFE comments are submitted in parallel of each other, which differs from WESS endorsements that were submitted in a serial fashion.
  • The MOFE process ensures quality control standards are applied, actionable recommendations are reviewed and compliance standards are maintained in support of future mishap prevention efforts.
  • The MOFE process spans a 90-day timeframe: the first 45-day period is for organizations to submit solicited and unsolicited comments regarding the final outcome of the mishap investigation and the second 45-day period is for the Naval Safety Center to collate all comments and release a final message.
  • All MOFE comments must be received by the 45-day deadline.
  • The 45-day MOFE timeframe for comments enables an efficient channel to quickly provide safety recommendations that are value added to the fleet, in contrast to the legacy WESS endorsement process which suffered from extended and often delayed endorsement timelines, which translated unmitigated risk to the fleet.

Training and Documentation

Recorded SIR User Familiarization Training is available through Adobe Connect using the following URLs:


The naval safety center will provide RMI user administration and sir familiarization training via several scheduled online sessions. Training will cover a variety of topics, to include but not limited to, instruction on sir account access, accounts management, Entering mishaps and recommendations, the message approval process, memorandum of final evaluation (MOFE), and the supervisors report module added to this release. These live, interactive and recorded sessions are scheduled for 4 hours and will start promptly at the specified time for each respective time zone. All safety professionals, safety specialists, and collateral duty safety professionals, are strongly encouraged to attend.

Access training through Adobe Connect using the following URL: HTTP://NAVSAFETC.ADOBECONNECT.COM/RMI_TRAINING/. Students will log in using their name/command as their username.

Date Time Zone Course Time
26 Jan EST 0800-1200
27 Jan HST 0800-1200
28 Jan PST 0800-1200
02 Feb JST 0800-1200
03 Feb JST 0800-1200
04 Feb CET 1300-1700

EST - Eastern Standard Time
CST - Central Standard Time
PST - Pacific Standard Time
HST - Hawaii Standard Time
JST - Japan Standard Time
CET - Central European Time (Italy, Spain)