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Ground Safety for Marines Course

Course Description
The Ground Safety for Marines (GSM) course provides instruction on basic concepts/techniques for managing unit-level Marine Corps Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) programs, hazard identification and controls, and conducting unit safety inspections. The course includes an introduction to the Marine Corps Safety Program and OSHA; application of OSHA General Industry standards (29 CFR 1910); personal protective equipment (PPE); hazard recognition and mitigation; risk management; unit safety inspections; mishap investigation fundamentals; and mishap reporting procedures.

Target Audience
The target population for GSM includes USMC/USN E-6 to E-8 and O-1 to O-5 or GS civilian equivalent appointed in writing as their command’s Ground Safety Officer/Ground Safety Manager. All personnel must have at least 12 months remaining in their billet from the course completion date.

Registration Information
The Ground Safety for Marines course is conducted at the six (6) Installation Safety Offices (GSM Schoolhouses) listed below. The GSM schedule is located in the Registrar Module of MCTIMS. Contact the GSM Course Manager by phone to obtain their email address and registration information.

  • MCB Quantico – Course Manager (703) 432-1219
  • MCB Camp Lejeune – Course Manager (910) 546-7263
  • MCB Camp Pendleton – Course Manager (760) 763-5328
  • MARFORRES (New Orleans) – Course Manager (504) 697-9867 (Alt: 504-697-9821)
  • MCB Hawaii (Kaneohe Bay) – Course Manager (808) 257-1830
  • MCB Japan (Okinawa) – Course Manager (315) 623-4053/4985

Email the following information to the GSM schoolhouse Course Manager to register:

  1. Name/Rank
  2. EDIPI/ Last 4 of SSN
  3. Billet Assigned (must have written appointment letter)
  4. Location (Command)
  5. Contact Information (Address, Phone, Email)
  6. Rotation Date (must have at least one year remaining in billet upon completion of GSM class)

The following Ground Safety training courses (course code) are available on MarineNet:

Range Safety

  • Range Safety (RTAMRSOCAA)

Risk Management

  • USMC Civilians (SDRMGTCIV0)
  • Private-Lance Corporal (SDRMGTE130)
  • Senior Leaders (SDRMGTSEN0)
  • Small Unit Leaders (SDRMGTSUL0)

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