Warrior Preservation Award

Warrior Preservation Award


To recognize individuals for significant contributions and in the field of safety and mishap prevention.


Fiscal year.


All Marine Corps Bases, stations, and depots that have established the most comprehensive safety program.


  1. Nominees will have made significantly greater contributions to safety than normally expected of those in their particular assignments during the fiscal year.
  2. A safety program must be established and maintained installation wide, and will be judged on the following awards criteria:
    1. The installation safety department has direct access to the commander and is organized and staffed to accomplish the safety mission.
    2. The installation safety department provides the Core Safety Services as outlines in MCO 5100.29.
    3. The installation has received a rating of “Mission Capable” on their most recent Inspector General of the Marine Corps Inspection, a rating of “Satisfactory” on their most recent Naval Ordinance Safety and Security Activity Explosives Safety Inspection or Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board inspection, and has maintained range certification for those with live fire training ranges.

Requirements for Submission

Commands shall submit award nomination packages as described in MCO 5100.32A, enclosure (2).

Nominations shall be organized per MCO 5100.32A, enclosure (3), and each nomination is limited to 10 pages, including enclosures.

Submit award nominations, post-marked no later than 15 December, to the following address:

Commandant of the Marine Corps (SD)
Headquarters, u.s. Marine Corps
2 Navy Annex (Rm 2122)
Washington, DC 20380-1775

Extensions will not be granted.

The Deputy Director, Safety Division, will annually convene the Marine Corps Ground Safety Awards Board with representatives from each of the Safety Division functional areas to review award nominations and make recommendations to the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.

All qualifying nominees will automatically be considered for the Department of the Navy Safety Excellence Awards for Marine Corps Ground Safety.

Recognition for Recipients

Award recipients will receive the following:

  1. A representative trophy
  2. A commemorate wall plaque
  3. A certificate signed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

MCO 5100.32A (PDF)