Secretary Gordon R. England Safety Awards

Secretary Gordon R. England Safety Awards

Formerly the Admiral Vern Clark and General James L. Jones Safety Awards


The Navy League presents a minimum of two awards, one Navy and one Marine Corps, annually to DON organizations and/or personnel whose innovative actions, examples or suggestions have reduced fatalities and/or mishaps among Sailors, Marines or civilians within DON. More than one winner of each award may be selected at the discretion of the Navy League awards selection board based on the number and quality of nominations received.


Annually—based on the fiscal year


All active duty Navy and marine Corps personnel, civilians within DON, and Navy and Marine Corps Reservists.


The Admiral Vern Clark and General James L. Jones Safety Award will be presented to an individual and a group whose actions and example have significantly improved the safety culture within the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Nominees must be individuals, units or organizations that best exemplify and advance a culture of safety by making significantly greater contributions to safety than normally expected of those in their assignments during the fiscal year.

Requirements for Submission

Nominations must be fully substantiated and reflect a careful and conscientious evaluation of the nominee. Substantive achievement shall be explained in a way that can be easily understood and appreciated by the general public; generalities, acronyms, excessive use of superlatives and comments on marginal achievement should be avoided. Achievement shall be supported by quantitative and qualitative data, wherever possible. The Navy League awards selection board will make its decision solely on the content of the nomination submitted.

Nominations should include a cover page, achievements/justification and a proposed citation. Include the following on the cover:

For nominated individuals:

  1. Full name, rank/rate
  2. Current duty station and address
  3. Home of record
  4. Length of service
  5. Point of contact, including name, rank/rate, mailing address, commercial telephone number, fax number and email address
  6. Signature of Commanding Officer

For nominated units or organizations:

  1. Name
  2. Complete address of command or activity
  3. Name of principal point of contact, rank/rate, mailing address, commercial telephone number, fax number, and email address
  4. Signature of Commanding Officer
  5. Endorsement by next higher level of command

Nominations must be received either by mail or email no later than date identified (February time frame).

Navy League of the United States
Attn: Corporate Affairs
2300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201-3308
Telephone: 703-528-1775

Recognition for Recipients

Each recipient shall receive a cash award, the amount of which is determined by the Navy League awards selection board based on the value of the endowment and the income generated from it. When additional awardees are selected beyond the minimum two, the award amount shall be equitably shared among all recipients.

In accordance with the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, cash awards may be accepted upon a written determination by an agency ethics official that the award is made as a part of an established program under which awards have been made on a regular basis and pursuant to written standards. Recipients should consult with their ethics counselor.

A Navy League commemorative scroll will also be presented to each award recipient.

The fiscal year Admiral Vern Clark and General James L. Jones Safety Award will be presented to recipients at the Navy League Sea-Air-Space Exposition to be held in April at the identified location found on the Navy League website.