Secretary of the Navy Safety Excellence Award: Safety Integration in Acquisition Award

Secretary of the Navy Safety Excellence Award: Safety Integration in Acquisition Award


Established to award a Navy or Marine Corps team or office that has demonstrated exceptional success in identifying and mitigating safety hazards during systems acquisition, and has best incorporated safety and operational risk management throughout systems design and implementation.


Annually, must be submitted no later than 1 April


Navy or Marine Corps commands with an acquisition mission may nominate up to two teams or offices per command. Nominees must have made significantly greater contributions and impacts in integrating safety into their programs, projects, or systems than typically expected.


Each nomination package should address as many of the following criteria as applicable:

  1. Culture. How was the team’s or office’s culture changed or reinforced to focus on early identification and resolution of safety issues?
  2. Engineering. How were safety engineering principles, methodologies, and rigor integrated into the program, and how did that lead to overall safety improvement in the program? How were safeguards to protect personnel, equipment, and environment embedded in the system?
  3. Lessons Learned. How were lessons learned from legacy or similar programs used to help mitigate safety risks in the new acquisition program?
  4. Hazard Mitigation. How were hazard mitigation strategies for safety issues identified and developed?
  5. Barriers. What barriers, such as cost constraints, schedule drivers, and performance parameters, were overcome to ensure safety was integrated into the system?
  6. Future Impact. What new safety methods or unique implementation of existing safety methods in this new acquisition will prove valuable in other acquisition programs?
  7. Documentation and Monitoring. What documentation and ongoing monitoring is the team and/or office implementing to support hazard tracking and analysis?

Requirements for Submission

Nomination packages should include the following:

  1. Endorsement of the nominee via the chain of command.
  2. A cover page that includes the program name; nominating command(s); name and position title, address, telephone number, and e-mail of the team or office leader; and names and positions of all members involved in integrating safety into the program.
  3. A Microsoft Word or portable document format (.pdf) document that addresses the criteria above. The document should be no longer than 1,000 words. Up to three pages of attachments may also be included if they substantially clarify achievements.
  4. Achievements should be supported by quantitative and qualitative data, wherever possible.
  5. Achievements should be explained in a way that can be easily understood and appreciated by the general public; generalities, acronyms, and excessive use of superlatives should be avoided.

All nomination packages must be endorsed via the nominee’s chain of command and submitted to the DASN (Safety) inbox at no later than close of business 1 April. Confirm receipt via separate e-mail.

Recognition for Recipients

Recipients of the SECNAV Safety Excellence Awards shall be announced in an ALNAV message and will be commended in a Washington DC-area ceremony hosted by SECNAV or his or her representative.

Recipients will be presented with a commemorative trophy, a “Memorandum For” signed by SECNAV identifying the recipient’s accomplishments, and SECNAV’s safety flag that recipients may fly for a period of 1 year from the date of presentation.

Individual awards are not presented at the SECNAV award level.