Road Warrior Award: Goverment Motor Vehicle Operator (Individual/Unit)

Road Warrior Award: Government Motor Vehicle Operator (Individual/Unit)


To recognize individuals and units for significant contributions and in the field of safety and mishap prevention.




All Marine Corps military and government civilian employees and units operating government motor vehicles, including tactical vehicles.


This award is presented to individuals who achieve mishap/violation-free driving mileage in 2,500 mile increments, or units that achieve cumulative mishap/violation-free driving mileage at 25,000 increments.

The command is responsible to track an operator's mileage record. Commanders will determine award eligibility and submit award requests.

Requirements for Submission

The commanding officer completes appropriate letter template as well as the certificate template below and emails them to, with the subject heading, “Road Warrior Award Submission.”

Road Warrior Award – Individual Letter from CO Template (Word)
Road Warrior Award – Unit Letter from CO Template (Word)
Road Warrior Award – Certificate Template

Recognition for Recipients

Award recipients will receive a certificate from the Commandant of the Marine Corps.


MCO 5100.32A (PDF)