Mishap-Free Flight Time Award

Mishap-Free Flight Time Award


To appropriately recognize individual Marine aircrew and squadrons who have achieved specific, mishap-free milestones that reflect their dedication to preserving human and material resources.


Per individual’s completion of 1,000 mishap-free flight hours, or per squadron’s completion of 10,000 mishap-free flight hours.


Marine Corps aircrew members and squadrons.

Involvement in Class “A, B, or C” mishap, in which certain individual aircrew human factors are determined by the mishap board to be causal factors of the mishap, will disqualify prior hours from counting towards mishap-free flight time.

A Class “A” mishap will disqualify a squadron from eligibility for this award, unless the controlling custodian grants absolution for safety award purposes and continuation of mishap-free flight time. Otherwise, mishap-free flight time will accrue from the first flight following the disqualifying mishap.


An individual who has achieved 1,000 hours of mishap-free flight. A squadron who collectively has achieved 10,000 hours of mishap-free flight.

Requirements for Submission

The commanding officer completes the appropriate letter template as well as the certificate template below and submits the application to the CMC Safety Division.

Individual Mishap-Free Flight Time Award – Individual Letter from CO Template (Word)
Squadron Mishap-Free Flight Time Award – Unit Letter from CO Template (Word)
Mishap-Free Flight Time Award – Certificate Template (PPT)

Email completed letter and certificate templates to HQMC_Safety_Division@usmc.mil, with the subject heading, “Mishap-Free Flight Time Award Submission.”

Recognition for Recipients

All eligible Marine aircrew members and squadrons will be presented a certificate in recognition of each 1,000/10,000 hour mishap-free flight time period attained.


MCO 5100.29C