CMC Safety Division


CMC Safety Division

About Radiological & Laser System Safety Programs

Radiation Safety Program - The two categories of non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation routinely   addresses the present subcategories at the Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps. However, the subcategories are not limited to these areas of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.

Category I: Non-Ionizing

  • Laser Safety
  • Radio-frequency & Electromagnetic Radiation (RF & EMR) Safety

Category II: Ionizing

  • X-Rays, Gamma Rays (Cargo & Vehicle X-Ray Equipment)
  • Strontium 90 (IBIS Indicator, Ice Detectors, etc.)
  • Radiacs, NBC equipment & Liquid Scintillators (i.e. radiological equipment with check sources)
  • Radon, Tritium, Depleted Uranium 
  • Americium (Smoke Detectors)
Working Groups
  • DoD Laser System Safety Working Group (LSSWG)
  • DoD Radiation Research & Policy Working Group
  • Navy/Marine Laser Safety Review Board (LSRB)
  • Naval Radiation Safety Committee (NRSC)
  • Shore Safety Committee of the Naval Safety Council
  • Tri-Service Electromagnetic Radiation Panel (TERP)