CMC Safety Division


CMC Safety Division

Guide to Mishap Reporting & Investigation

Mishaps must be reported. Your unit safety manager is trained on mishap investigation and reporting, your Base Safety Office or the Naval Safety Center can assist.

  • Ask to review your mishap logs. Are they up to date?
  • Is there a separate mishap log for Active Duty and civilian personnel?
  • Does your unit safety manager receive mishap reports within 24 hours?
  • Is your unit safety manager in the loop when mishap investigations are required? (Too many times the Commanding Officer attempts to complete the Legal investigation and overlooks the safety investigation.)
  • Is the Commanding Officer aware that safety investigations are separate from SJA investigation.
  • Note: Nothing in the Safety Investigation will be turned over to legal!
  • Make sure the CO does not assign the safety manager to a SJA investigation where a mishap is involved.
  • See Flash Report and review Force Order 5101.1 on using this report.
  • Contact MFR Ground Safety for further details on mishap investigations and reporting. See MCO 5102.1 for details.

ALWAYS use MCO P5102.1B - Look for the answers to these vital questions:

  • WHO was injured?
  • WHAT were the materials, machines, or equipment involved?
  • WHERE did it happen?
  • WHEN did it happen?
  • HOW did it happen?
  • WHY did it happen?
Flash Report
Upon notification of a Ground Mishap, fill out a Ground Mishap Flash Report.
Accident Investigation
  1. Get to the scene of the mishap ASAP! An immediate on-scene investigation always provides the most accurate and useful information. Any delay may permit important evidence to be destroyed or moved. As an investigator you must be information hungry and extremely observant, take accurate notes.
  2. Talk to witnesses and get initial statements from them. Talk to the witnesses separately. This way you get their recount of the events without someone telling what they saw.
  3. Take photographs, make drawings, measurements etc..
  4. Report your initial findings/information to the Safety Officer or Commanding Officers/Inspector-Instructor. Also inquire about who will be on the Ground Mishap Review Board (GMRB). Refer to MCO P5102.1, Chapter 5. Be ready to type the appointment letters.
  5. Contact the injured Marine for his statement of what happened but be sure he is well enough and rational enough (medication) to answer questions. In serious injury cases ALWAYS clear this with the attending medical authorities. Do nothing to aggravate the Marine's condition.