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Ground Safety


The Ground Safety Program is designed to increase operational effectiveness by anticipating hazards and reducing the potential of loss, thereby increasing the probability of mission success.      

The Ground Safety Program also addresses a number of specific issues areas such as training and professional development, guidance for both private motor vehicle (PMV) and Motorcycle/Off-road vehicle policy, regulation and safety awareness, and recreation (Non-Operational) program safety.

Lessons Learned

In collaboration with the Naval Safety Center, CMC(SD) staff produces a series of Lessons Learned documents, providing examples and insights to a variety of mishap and risk experiences throughout the Marine Corps and the Navy. By doing so, readers are able to recognize the symptons, causes, and effects of a number of hazards; making certain that these incidents don't occur in vain. By leaning from these occurences, Marines will be better able to avoid similar situations moving forward.

To learn more about the Lessons Learned offered, visit the archive.

The Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned (MCCLL) is part of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC), Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM), located at MCB Quantico, VA. MCCLL's mission is to support the Commandant of the Marine Corps execution of his Title 10 (Organize, Train, Equip, and Provide) responsibilities by conducting assessments of forward area operations and exercises in order to identify emerging Title 10 issues, collecting and managing the Marine Corps Lessons and TTP databases, and reporting findings, trends and issues through verbal, written and electronic media.

Learn from the past and prevent future mishaps from occurring. Follow the link below for useful information compiled from previous mishaps that can be used to improve your programs and procedures as well as reduce mishaps.

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Ground Branch POCs
Branch Head 703-604-4172
Tactical Safety Officer 703-604-4462
Tactical Safety Specialist 703-604-4242